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The Bahama Shutter has long been a staple in the communities of coastal states and desert regions. Designed to protect windows during storms, the Bahama Shutter can also be pushes up to provide shade not in use for storm protection. The Bahama Shutter is painted with a two-part automotive grade acrylic urethane finish with hardener to ensure a long lasting, brilliant color for years to come. Constructed of pultruded fiberglass it is a great way to add style, value and protection to your home.

What do you think people see when they drive by your home? Is your house bright and cheery? Do you windows shine out? Have you used enough different colors to make the exterior of your home look appealing? Do you need to add more spark to your homes exterior? A new window shutter might make all the difference.

There are many window shutter designs to check out. What would look best with your home? Take a look. Would you prefer louvers or raised panels? Would a combination of both of them look better? Or, take into consideration board-n-batten designs, another traditional window shutter design. The main idea is to choose a window shutter design that both compliments the appearance of your windows without overwhelming other design features on your home's exterior.

You will find that there is a choice of window shutter materials to consider. A window shutter made from vinyl resists the elements, is very long lasting, and is available in many attractive standard colors. A window shutter made from composite wood has some of the features of wood, is durable, and is available in standard colors that have an automobile grade finish. A wood window shutter has a natural warmth that is hard to beat and is a traditional favorite. offers a wide selection of quality Bahama Style, Board-n-Batten, Louvered and Paneled Shutters in a complete line of materials, colors and sizes. Come see why is the product of choice by builders and homeowners who demand beauty, value and performance.